Dismal Session 004: Idéoplasme w/ RJM

Does the knife cry when it enters the skin by Idéoplasme w/ RJM

Recorded at Operator Radio Rotterdam, NL — April 2019

Sante Maria Romitelli - Il Mosaico E Completo
Kreng - Ballet Van De Bloedhoeren
Alessandro Alessandroni - The Dark Castle
Alessandro Alessandroni - Deadly Beauty
Aghast - Enter the Hall of Ice
Black Sabbath - FX
Jean-Bernard Raiteux - The Inquisition
Jacula - Long Black Magic Night (RJM edit)
Autopsia - Does The Knife Cry When It Enters The Skin
Clock DVA - The Sonology of Sex 1
Jean-Bernard Raiteux - The Second Inquisition
Kreng - Petit Grimoire
Aghast - Enthrall
David Holmes - Is He Dead?
Autopsia - Anxiety 1982
Ennio Morricone - La fine degli Amanti
Roberto Nicolosi - I Tre Volti Della Paura
Sante Maria Romitelli - La Luna Di Miele
Alessandro Alessandroni - Demon Night III
Riz Ortolani - Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno
Alessandro Alessandroni - Demon Arise
Sante Maria Romitelli - Tessere Di Un Mosaico
Autopsia - Tape Loop Constitutes The Eternity Of Hell
Sante Maria Romitelli - La Casa Di Mode

RJM Vanderheyden is an interdisciplinary artist drawn towards the transgressive, visceral bodily explorations and prurient meanderings. Together with Puck Schot she performs as Vot’ress, which loosely embraces Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, and the role of Robin “Puck” Goodfellow; a demonic, mischievous sprite. They experiment with synthesis and modulation, creating ambient soundscapes and distortion, layered with spoken word and found-footage.

She recently released an alternative soundtrack to Walerian Borowczyk’s erotic cult film Contes Immoraux on the Rotterdam imprint No Hay Banda. RJM is currently working on a soundtrack to the infamous 1989 porn film ‘On The Prowl’. In this Gonzo video, Jamie Gillis ‘drives the streets of San Francisco in a limousine together with performer Renee Morgan, picking up random guys willing to have sex with her. Unscripted and focused on (and fetishizing) “reality” and “authenticity,” this new style privileged raw depiction of sexual pleasure without traditional narrative, aesthetic, or performative considerations.’

Video by Emilie Ruitinga; edits from ‘Dreams That Money Can Buy’ (1947), Filmstudie (1926) Ghosts Before Breakfast (1928), by Hans Richter and other found footage.