Dismal Session 006: Sol Bailey-Barker

Wyrd Lodge : Black Temple by Sol Bailey-Barker

We are Ancient Transhumanists, we have always strived to be more than human through biomicry. We have evolved through this imitation of the natural world over millions years and it was as early as 2.2 million years ago that our ancestors began to shape rocks into tools; body hacking, hands becoming rocks for smashing bones and cutting and scrapping: this the ancient beginning of transhumanism.
The rhythmic sound of breaking rocks is echoed by the sounds of modern industry, where machine hands with super human speed and dexterity carry out the tasks of creation once the dominion of tribal leaders and shamans now the dominion of 0 and 1s .
It is believed that the sounds of tool making and the communication in teaching others mastery, is the origin of speech. Technology this ancient magic allowing hands to become rocks to become knives, wood to become warmth and crumbling minerals to become steel.
Now we transcend into the post human epoch; building robotic entities in imitation of ourselves, but striving to make them more than human, to build the gods we have lost and so desire to have come from.
As we develop exoskeletons, artificial ears, eyes and memory implants, improving strength and our senses, we become post human.
If time is not linear but all time is present at once, then the mushrooms that laid the way for life on land billions of years ago and the first rock bashed into a tool, the last individual in Space, the first ritual and the last are all present and reverberating here and now.
This dystopian Utopia, is the beginning and the end.

Film & soundtrack by Sol Bailey-Barker
With cinematography by Ruben Woodin Dechamps