FEIGNED HEARING by Terence Sharpe is available to buy now on the Most Dismal Swamp Bandcamp page.

FEIGNED HEARING is the first release in a three-part series of electroacoustic compositions, drawn from live recordings, foley sound and synthesis. The pieces oscillate between the halcyon and turbulent; a soundtrack to the collective delirium engendered by the past decade through generic stasis and hyper-everything.

FEIGNED HEARING is part of the wider project WHAT LUXURY IT WOULD BE TO DESCRIBE THIS RACE AS CEDED (2019-2020) which also includes video and text works.

Sharpe's essay, A Ceded Interfile: Future-Oriented Social and Cognitive Design, was published through The New Centre for Research and Practice's &&& platform. It takes fields such as Kansei Engineering as an example of a mechanism that fundamentally transforms the dialectic of 'human' and 'machine'. Kansei Engineering's collection of data, along with its manipulative uses, is open to alternative systems of codification and application that are distinct from its implementation through companies like Cambridge Analytica.

The video work is a non-linear redux of the idea that two separate trajectories of man and machine is a false correlation rooted in bad humanism. The visual assemblage is composed of user-generated content, both personal and salvaged.