During the 2020 UK lockdown Most Dismal Swamp was commissioned by New Art City and Silicon Valet to create an immersive, browser-based exhibition using the then-new New Art City platform.

Visit the online exhibition here.

Dismal Sessions 001–021 showcased the output of 21 audio-visual artists:

Body Drift, Never Worse, Terence Sharpe, RJM Vanderheyden, IZEY, Sol Bailey-Barker, Alexandra Koumantaki

Mark Leckey, Amy Cutler & Graham Dunning, Crisis, Kid Xanthrax, Michelle Hannah, An Trinse, Agnese Cebere, Gerard Carson, Lexi Doomer (whiterose), Billie0cean & Sol Ring, SWARMM, Thomas Yeomans, ¥€$Si Perse, Anna Mikkola & Pekka Airaxin

Dismal Sessions is an series of dank mixes, fermented visions, sacred texts, trash vector collect calls, ambient occlusions, cursed ASMR, sublime leaks and bad datasets; an ecstatic content collapse. The Dismal Sessions are audio-visual artefacts by various visual artists, musicians, DJs, avatars, producers, machines, sprites, poets, homies, and more.