Swamp Angels:
David Atlas, Iain Ball, Lara Joy Evans, Samuel Capps, Holly Childs, Lea Collet and Marios Stamatis, core.pan, Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Marija Bozinovska Jones with MBJ Wetware, Will Kendrick, Rachel McRae, Benoit Ménard, Sarah Montet, Anni Nöps, Eva Papamargariti, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Viktor Timofeev, Kyle Zeto Thorne

Swamp Protocol is an ambient and hallucinatory narrative. Multiple logics, systems, and realities are entangled within it, illustrating the warped mixed-reality paradigm we live in: a pervasive, horizonless swampscape that seems at once ecstatic, dismal and absurd.

Murky and disorienting landscapes, cursed ASMR, fungal figures, dank rituals, experimental intimacies, virtual conspiracies and weird choreographies are at the heart of Swamp Protocol. Might these emergent rituals, tacit procedures and new ways of thinking be the formation of a 'dank enlightenment'?

Swamp Protocol's dark atmosphere is intensified by the haunting soundtrack by producer and genre-fluid DJ Anni Nöps.

Read complete Swamp Protocol publication commissioned by Arebyte Gallery here.

Directed / Curated by Dane Sutherland
Editing - VFX - neural processing : core.pan
Camera operator : Ollie Furlong
Music : Anni Nöps
Additional sound design : core.pan
3D Henry Kissinger and compositing : Hannah Rose Stewart
Performers: Sarah Borga - Harry Bix - Natalia Janula - Max Berendt - Amy Neat - Rumi Josephs
Graff : Alexis Milne

Supported by Arts Council England