Swamp angels:
@baojiaxiang, Scrabulous Anomaly in the Re-write Department, Confraternity of Neoflagellants, Department of Decay, Lewis Den Hertog, Plastique Fantastique, Bianca Hlywa, AGF HYDRA, Marija Bozinovska Jones with MBJ Wetware, Natalia Janula, Alexandra Koumantaki, Peter Lee, Christopher Macinnes, Piano Princess, Hannah Rose Stewart, Marta Stražičić, Tea Stražičić, Theo Triantafyllidis, Jennifer Walton.

When a whale's carcass falls deep into the ocean abyss, over time its decaying body hosts a diverse ecology of surrounding species while also birthing altogether new life. It's body is a fetid dataset for biological speculations. Whale Fall plumbs these biological depths by invoking the long-tail of post-digital bodies and how they challenge orthodox conceptions of personhood, intelligence, corporeality, and life. Their heresy is to explore  what our mutable and mutating bodies can be, when entangled among the depths of the internet.

Whale Fall is a heretical bestiary; an anomalous taxonomy of the diverse bodies that inhabit the hallucinatory mixed-reality paradigm of our contemporary swampscape.  The film combines scenes shot on location with various artists, a bespoke virtual environment hosting a weird biome of digital life, with other commissioned footage and CGI.

The result is kaleidoscopic glimpse into the lives of these speculative ecologies. A phantasmagoric rave of multiple logics, systems, and realities.

Whale Fall's strange ecology is soundtracked by producer Jennifer Walton with moments of dense ambience and delirious club frequencies.

Directed/curated by Dane Sutherland
Editing and VFX: core.pan
Camera operator: Ollie Furlong
Ue4 development and filming (whalescape): Marta Stražičić and Tea Stražičić
Ue4 development and automation (danes_world): Christopher Macinnes
Music: Jennifer Walton
i only have eyes for you remix by Piano Princess
Nails: Sylvie Macmillan

Supported by Arts Council England